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Pakistan Calling is a project aiming to increase awareness and support for Pakistani civil society organisations, and activists, working to tackle the country’s many pressing social problems. It hopes to promote cross-cultural dialogue and community trust in the UK by profiling the many different faces of Pakistan and supporting filmmakers working in areas such as arts, social welfare, and citizen journalism. Pakistan Calling builds on a project run by the RSA and The Samosa. It provides a platform for film-makers in Pakistan and the UK, and articulates the many relationships between Britain and Pakistan. Events in Lahore and Karachi affect families and communities in Bradford and Manchester, and Pakistan Calling is aiming to build stronger links between Pakistani social projects, the British Pakistani diaspora, and a wider group of social entrepreneurs in the UK, fostering positive dialogue about Pakistan in Britain.
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VIDEO: Educating Pakistan - One Child at a Time

It is every child's right to get an education. A profile of The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF), a Pakistan education charity with a nationwide presence in 93 towns and cities across Pakistan, with 910 school units teaching over 115,000 underprivileged children. Amina Salahuddin and other TCF staff discuss the achievements of TCF to date, their future plans, and the many challenges the... Continue Reading

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VIDEO: I Am Agha

In Pakistan, most children living in poverty will die before their 18th birthday. This film tells the story of a street child (Agha Khan) who collects garbage and works hard to survive. Life goes on, no matter what happens around him. While Agha’s most pressing concern is survival, he also wishes, like every child, to play, to go to school and have an education. Filmed in Lahore’s... Continue Reading

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VIDEO: Samiulla's Story

Amid terror, Pakistani children are having to become family breadwinners. “Do not cry for your father because now it is you who has to be the responsible one.” These were the words spoken to Samiulla at his father’s funeral. In 2009, a bomb blast killed his father. In the blast, 213 were injured and 137 killed and Samiulla was left to provide for his family. As the oldest in... Continue Reading

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Pakistan in the Media: Telling the Story

British media reflects a relatively negative view of Pakistan. Jon Snow talks candidly to Suzanne Wakefield of the London Metropolitan University about how Pakistan is portrayed and covered in the media, in the context of the many issues, stories and conflicts in the region. He also looks at how the British Pakistani community is portrayed. Which are the stories that get reported, and why... Continue Reading

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