Kevjn Lim

Kevjn Lim is an independent writer and political analyst. From 2007-2011, he served as delegate for the ICRC in the Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, specializing in protection and humanitarian needs analysis. His articles have appeared in publications including Israel Affairs, Melbourne Journal of Politics, and the Jerusalem Post. Kevjn holds a BA (Hons) in political science and Jewish-Islamic studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and is fluent in several languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Persian.

Israel's Reluctant Friend

Talk of allowing its airstrips to be used in a military strike against Iran has thrust Azerbaijan into the spotlight. A new and perhaps surprising country took center stage recently in the ongoing row over Iran’s nuclear program – Azerbaijan. Citing anonymous “high-level sources” from US diplomatic and intelligence circles, a controversial article in Foreign Policy at... Continue Reading

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Kadima: Not Yet Another Centrist Casualty

Analysis on the centrist party founded by Ariel Sharon, and its role in current Israeli politics. In Israel’s fractious politics, parties poised as ‘centrist’ have repeatedly proven themselves long on well-meaning rhetoric but short on survivability. Kadima, Ariel Sharon’s brainchild, broke part of the mold in 2006 by becoming the first and only such party to win a... Continue Reading

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Iran’s Parliamentary Elections

The Supreme Leader’s mounting anxieties after parliamentary elections in Iran. The recent elections for Iran’s 290-seat parliament may have been a crafted ‘farce’, judging by the mass disqualification of reformist candidates (and many of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s supporters). But while the elections are unlikely to impact Iranian foreign policy, they represent yet... Continue Reading

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Is Assad’s Syria ‘Too Important to Fail’ for the Resistance Axis?

Analysis on origin and evolution of the political relationship between the Iranian and Syrian regimes. At the start of the Arab Spring, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took the liberty of portraying the uprisings as an ‘Islamic awakening’ (Bidari-ye Eslami) and the fruit of Iran’s own revolution, while taking care to distinguish these from the street... Continue Reading

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