Karan Kharb

Karan Kharb graduated from Delhi University to join the Army where he specialised in Defence, National Security and Management. He took part in operations against Pakistan and anti-terrorist operations, was Dy Group Commander, 51 Special Action Group (NSG) and took part in a number of anti-terrorist operations. His Concept Papers were accepted as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Karan set up ‘Turning Point India’ in Noida to train and motivate young leaders. His services were sought by a number of NGOs involved in social work, training and development. In the quake-devastated Kutch, he spearheaded a number of projects on rehabilitation and social empowerment. As Director of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) Kutch, he established a number of Vocational Training Centres in the remotest corners of the region – an accomplishment that was quoted as an example for emulation by other JSSs in the country.

Invasive Crime, Evasive Justice

January 04, 2013

India's public cries for harsher punishment for rapists, but the judiciary is blinded by corruption. India is not the largest democracy just for its size; it also has world’s most voluminous constitution – 448 articles. And the most amended too; over 100 amendments in 62 years. As against this, the...