Iliana Hagenah

Iliana Hagenah is a former Associate Editor (International Security) at Fair Observer. She is a writer on Middle East politics and is a contributor to various publications, including The Majalla, Aslan Media and The Berkshire Eagle. She currently researches with Femin Ijtihad, a research initiative promoting the legal scholarship of gender-related Islamic law.

The EU Migrant Crisis Explained

January 05, 2016

As the conflicts in Syria and Iraq continue into 2016, the refugee crisis is the responsibility of the entire international community. Background The sight of shabby boats packed to the brim with refugees fleeing war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan was a prevalent image for the year 2015. According...

Somalia’s War: The Al-Shabab Threat

August 13, 2014

Al-Shabab is no longer dominated by young nationalists, and its objectives have become blurred. Background Al-Shabab, a Somali militia, originated as a radical Islamist movement seeking to create a “Greater Somalia.” In 2006, it became a militant wing of Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union (ICU) to fight Christian-majority Ethiopian forces during the...