Gary Buswell

Gary Buswell is a freelance writer based in London. His work has been published on various websites including Eurasia Review, Geopolitical Monitor and Expatica.

Can the World Pay the Cost of Increasingly Frequent Natural Disasters?

As the world slowly emerges from the fog of COVID-19, we have become accustomed to the reports detailing the global economic damage caused by the pandemic. Focusing on the immediate fallout from the COVID crisis, however, may have caused us to overlook other equally disruptive and long-term economic threats stemming from the global increase in natural disasters. Just over a month ago, the... Continue Reading

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Auditing Firms’ Strong Performance Masks Unsolved Issues

The UK economy is beginning 2022 on a somewhat shaky footing. Signs of an economic slowdown were cropping up even before the Omicron variant threw fresh uncertainty into the mix and raised fears that “Britain’s nightmare economy of the 1970s,” characterized by a noxious mixture of high inflation and stagnant economic growth, is set for a comeback. One... Continue Reading

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Clean Water Is Crucial in the Fight Against COVID-19

The thousands of islands dotted around the Pacific Ocean managed to stave off devastating coronavirus infections during the early stages of the pandemic while much of the rest of the world struggled. However, many of the main countries in the region are now reporting problems of rising caseloads that are threatening to overwhelm the already-fragile health systems. When COVID-19 and... Continue Reading

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COVID-19 and Populism: A Bad Combination for Europe’s Banks

As Germany takes over the EU’s rotating presidency, Chancellor Angela Merkel noted that the bloc is facing a triple challenge: the coronavirus pandemic — in retreat but still requiring constant vigilance — the EU’s steepest-ever economic downturn and political demons waiting in the wings, including the specter of populism. With the pandemic somewhat under control, European... Continue Reading

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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Have Real-World Consequences

Conspiracy theories seem to be a staple of major global events, so it's no surprise that COVID-19 has become the biggest hotbed for unfounded “alternative narratives” since 9/11. Various theories are circulating across social media, sucking in a worrying number of high-profile public figures who seem willing to share disinformation without checking the facts, even though these narratives... Continue Reading

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Canada’s Indigenous Communities Fight to Protect Their Environment

Canada isn’t one of the first nations that comes to mind when thinking hotspots of racism and mistreatment of social groups across the globe. Above and beyond Canadians’ legendary reputation for being “nice,” the country is widely seen as an open and liberal place. Indeed, it scores highly in most international classifications in terms of freedom and quality of life, ranking an... Continue Reading

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