Franz-Stefan Gady

Franz-Stefan Gady is a foreign policy associate at the EastWest Institute. A native Austrian, Franz-Stefan has written for the Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy Magazine, American Diplomacy Quarterly, The National Interest, Small Wars Journal, and New Europe. He also blogs for the Huffington Post.

Pakistan: Why Lying Seldom Pays in International Politics

July 20, 2011

Franz Stefan Gady argues that while lying is often a necessary strategy in politics, it can often cause more harm than good. While it is a tactic which may have worked for Pakistan in the short term, it is more likely to harm rather than help in the long run.

The Koepenick Syndrome: Is the United States the new Prussia?

March 23, 2011

In early 20th century Berlin, an ex-convict shoemaker—caught in a legal no-man’s land where he can neither obtain work without a residence permit, nor earn a permit without work—purchases pieces of a Prussian Captain’s uniform to expedite his needs. Dressed as a Prussian Guards Captain, the shoemaker commandeers a group...