Swaleh Ochieng

Swaleh Ochieng is a Kenyan journalist, author, and researcher who covers humanitarian crises, conflict & disaster.

Libya Is a Problem for All of Africa

Feb 14, 2020

As General Khalifa Haftar’s troops continue to battle the UN-recognized Government of National Accord for the control of Libya’s capital Tripoli in a “final push,” it is evident things might get worse than they already are for the country that has been engulfed in conflict since 2011. Despite prolonged conflict...

Africa’s Long Road to Democracy

Jul 18, 2019

The violation of human rights across the African continent began as a struggle for self-rule in the mid-20th century. Except for Liberia, which European countries assumed was an American colony, and Ethiopia, which was never colonized due to Haile Selassie’s resistance to Italian invasion, Africans waged bloody guerrilla warfare against...