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Daniel Kapellmann is a Mexican cyber threat intelligence analyst for FireEye and a consultant for ITU Digital Inclusion Division. He holds a Bachelor’s in International Studies and Master’s in Information Management. He is also a freelance journalist for different organizations.
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Voter Mistrust Fuels Populism in Mexico’s Presidential Race

Ahead of the Mexico's presidential election in July, a left-wing populist is the clear frontrunner amid exasperation with political corruption and snail-paced social reform. The Mexican presidential race was probably over the minute it began. Recent polls consistently put left-wing populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador at least 10 points ahead of the center-right National Action Party’s... Continue Reading

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After NAFTA: New Trade Opportunities for Mexico

Mexico currently faces tough negotiations with the United States over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. At the beginning of January 2017, Ford canceled plans to build a $1.6-billion car factory in San Luis Potosí, following criticisms by then President-elect Donald Trump. The project was expected to generate 2,800 jobs. Whereas it took some 10 years to negotiate and... Continue Reading

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Populism is Straining Regional Relations in North America

Right-wing polarization may disrupt the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States. When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Mexico on September 1, 2016, local protesters made it clear: His offensive, untrue and divisive rhetoric about the Mexican people was not welcome. Amid that backdrop of rejection on both sides it’s easy to forget that the United... Continue Reading

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Misguided Tax Targeting Fosters Inequality in Mexico

Mexico has one of the worst tax systems of all industrialized countries. Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú, a Mexican construction contractor and business tycoon, is famous in Mexico for his alleged role in building a $7-million mansion for the first lady—best known as the president’s “White House.” But the Panama Papers have quickly made him much more famous, for a much larger sum of... Continue Reading

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