Bernhard Forchtner

Bernhard Forchtner is a lecturer at the School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester (UK). He has previously worked as a Marie Curie fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences, Humboldt-University of Berlin where he conducted a project on far-right discourses on the environment (project number 327595). Recent publications include “Being Skeptical? Exploring Far-Right Climate-Change Communication in Germany” (with A. Kroneder and D. Wetzel in Environmental Communication, 2018) and “The Routledge Handbook on Language and Politics” (with R. Wodak, 2017).

What the Radical Right Thinks About Climate Change

Jun 06, 2019

Accusations of irrationalism, leveled against those in favor of climate change policies, make up the single most prominent argument. Research on climate change communication by radical-right actors, be they party or non-party, anti-liberal or anti-democratic, is still in its infancy. Indeed, so far only a few cases have been systematically...

The National Ecosystem: Radical Right and Biodiversity

Mar 14, 2019

The national ecosystem must be preserved and remain pure — free from those who do not belong. While the significance of preserving and caring for the natural environment in radical-right thought might surprise some, it is thoroughly rooted in the importance some of these actors attach to the space in...

Alternative for Germany and the Myth of National Rebirth

Sep 13, 2018

Founded in 2013 in response to the eurozone crisis, the party evolved through various stages, increasingly campaigning on a nativist ticket. Revolutionary fascists and (nominally) democratic radical-right actors have long told apocalyptic stories of national decline, of the ever-growing threat of the demise of the nation through decadence and cultural/ethnic...

Print Is Dead: Not For Germany's Radical Right

Jul 04, 2018

Extremist publications in Germany defy the belief that print is dead, and that radical-right innovation happens online. Recent years have repeatedly seen debates over the radical right’s use of online spaces, especially social media platforms, to spread ideas, to connect and to mobilize. Indeed, the (no longer so new) visibility...

The Radical Right and the Meat-Free Diet

Jun 11, 2018

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a vegetarian or even vegan diet is in no way incompatible with radical-right thinking. In her recent post for the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, Cynthia Miller Idriss rightly emphasizes the significance of physical bodies for the radical right, in past and present....