Ashok Rao

Ashok Rao is a serial entrepreneur with four successful high technology start ups. He is the president of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Houston Chapter, and Chairman of the Board of TiE Global. Currently he is Chairman & CEO of Whodini Inc. He did his BS in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Delhi and MS at Marquette University, and also has a Diploma in Financial Management from the London School of Economics. Ashok has been a guest lecturer at Rice University, a Trustee at Franklin Pierce University and was the President of the North-American operations of Enron Corporation from 1996/1997.

The Indian Diaspora - Past, Present and Future (Part II)

February 05, 2013

Ashok Rao, a serial entrepreneur, discusses the Indian Diaspora and its past, present, and future in this three part series. To read part one, click here. II. History of the Indian Diaspora  Let us a take a quick look at the Historical Evolution of the Indian Diaspora, which numbers around...

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

June 01, 2012

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two inextricably linked topics that have formed the modern day world as we now know it. Innovation is a misunderstood word. So-called experts usually give it a vague, aspirational definition in the sense of “fresh thinking that creates value”. We are asked to believe that the...