Ashley Tellis

Ashley J. Tellis is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, specializing in international security, defense, and Asian strategic issues. While on assignment to the U.S. Department of State as senior adviser to the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, he was intimately involved in negotiating the civil nuclear agreement with India. He is the author of India’s Emerging Nuclear Posture (2001) and co-author of Interpreting China’s Grand Strategy: Past, Present, and Future (2000). He is the research director of the Strategic Asia program at NBR and co-editor of the eight most recent annual volumes, including this year’s Strategic Asia 2011–12: Asia Responds to Its Rising Powers – China and India. In addition to numerous Carnegie and RAND reports, his academic publications have appeared in many edited volumes and journals. He is frequently called to testify before Congress. Tellis is a member of several professional organizations related to defense and international studies including the Council on Foreign Relations, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the United States Naval Institute, and the Navy League of the United States.

Pakistan’s Impending Defeat in Afghanistan

Developments in Afghanistan portend peril for Pakistan, yet Islamabad has alienated Kabul and undermined the US-led international stabilization effort. Irrespective of how the coming security transition in Afghanistan pans out, one country is on a surprising course to a major strategic defeat: Pakistan. Every foreseeable ending to the Afghan war today—continued conflict with the... Continue Reading

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Negotiations Cannot Solve Afghanistan's Problems

The Obama administration made a grave mistake in announcing a deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan, argues Ashley J. Tellis in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He explains why reconciliation talks risk failure, why the real problem lurks across the border in Pakistan, and the steps the United States can take to improve the prospects for a successful transition.... Continue Reading

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The United States and Asia’s Rising Giants

An extract from Strategic Asia 2011–12, of the National Bureau of Asian Research. China and India will likely sustain high levels of economic growth for some time due to favorable factor endowments, sensible national policies, and the benefits of late integration into the liberal international order maintained by U.S. power. Although the global dominance of Asia’s rising giants... Continue Reading

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US-Pakistan relations: Marching to a Meltdown?

The US and Pakistan have suffered through many years of mutual suspicion and distrust. A commentary on the saliency of this relationship and its possible forms in the future. Ten years after the 9/11 attacks, US-Pakistani relations have reached a nadir. American policymakers charge that the Pakistani military has been aiding and abetting the very enemies both countries are purportedly... Continue Reading

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