Amra Sabic-El-Rayess

Amra Sabic-El-Rayess is an associate professor of practice at Columbia University’s Teachers College and an international expert on corruption, education and social transformations. Originally from Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sabic-El-Rayess survived ethnic cleansing and more than 1,100 days under the Serbian and Serbs' military siege. She emigrated to the United States in 1996, earning a BA in economics from Brown University. Later, she obtained two master’s degrees and a doctorate from Columbia University, where she currently studies how and why societies fall apart and what role education can play in rebuilding decimated countries. She has published extensively on education-related issues and has lectured around the world to adult and adolescent audiences. Sabic-El-Rayess is the author of an upcoming memoir, "The Cat I Never Named: A True Story of Love, War, and Survival" (Bloomsbury, September 2020).
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Russia Has Planted Seeds of the EU’s Demise in the Balkans

Earlier this year, Kosovo elected Albin Kurti as prime minister. Progressive, pro-American, pro-justice and anti-corruption, Kurti was precisely the kind of politician Americans would ordinarily wish to see in power in the region. And yet the US has orchestrated what Kurti has called “a parliamentary coup d’etat” to replace him with Avdullah Hoti, who, as soon as he was installed, reversed... Continue Reading

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