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Arek Sinanian is the author of “A Climate for Denial” and an international expert on climate change, greenhouse gas abatement and carbon accounting, and he has extensive experience in resource efficiency, waste minimization and sustainable development. He is a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) expert panels of the clean development mechanism (CDM) Methodology Panel and the Accreditation Panel, providing advice on new methodologies and projects for CDMs submitted for registration under the Kyoto Protocol. He was also voted onto the prestigious six-member Joint Implementation Accreditation Panel of the UNFCCC. As a qualified engineer and consultant with over 30 years of experience, Sinanian has conducted numerous national and international projects involving responses to climate change, sustainability and resource efficiency.
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When It Comes to Climate Change, Promises Matter

In life, we generally believe that words matter and that they are important. We also think promises and pledges expressed in words and made in public are really important. They show our intentions and commitment to people who matter to us. And that actions speak louder than words. Fiji’s Women Are Living the Reality of Climate Change READ MORE When leaders of almost 200... Continue Reading

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The Wicked Problem of Climate, Blah, Blah, Blah

In December 2019, I wrote an article on Fair Observer titled, “Climate Change: One Step Forward, While Standing Still.” It was a cheeky piece, looking somewhat depressingly at the progress of the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) meetings, otherwise known as the Conference of the Parties (COP). The article was written in anticipation of COP25, which was due to... Continue Reading

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Trump, Biden and the Climate: A Stark Choice

While the economy and COVID-19 may dominate discussions around the coming US election, environmental issues and climate change, mainly due to the recent wildfires in the state of California, may also be a differentiating factor between the two presidential candidates. Back in January 2017, in my article titled “Trumping the Climate,” I lamented the uncertainties and questions ahead of Donald... Continue Reading

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When Is Hot Too Hot?

One of the many difficulties in understanding global warming and climate change, and their impacts, is that they are complicated. Climate change is not linear over time and it is inconsistent across different regions. As I explain in my book, “A Climate for Denial,” the nonlinear characteristics of climate change mean that, over time, its impacts will not take place in a linear fashion.... Continue Reading

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Climate Change: One Step Forward, While Standing Still

Have you ever tried walking on a travellator? You know, those moving platforms at airports that help you get to your destination when you are in a hurry or tired, or have a lot of baggage to carry. Have you also tried to walk in the wrong direction on it? Depending on your own pace and the speed of the travellator, you could either make slow progress, or no progress at all, or go... Continue Reading

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The Climate Within the Brexit Election

You’d be forgiven to think that the only issue for discussion and decision by the public in the UK election is Brexit. As far as Boris Johnson is concerned, it may well be the only issue he wants a mandate for. This may have been the reason he refused to take part in the world’s first TV debate of party leaders on climate change. But you would also think that the current global momentum... Continue Reading

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Greta Thunberg and the Youth Will Not Be Silenced

I know it’s been said many times and throughout history, but we do indeed live in interesting times. And it’s not just because the most unlikely person has become president of the most powerful nation, not because an unplanned and unreasoned proposition has won the vote for an exit from the European Union, and it’s not because the world seems unable to find a workable set of solutions to... Continue Reading

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The World After Climate Change

This is the first yearly report on the status of the World Climate Order as required by the Global Agreement on Climate Change (GACC), which was ratified by all nations in 2025. The baseline report prepared by the Climate Order Committee was submitted to the Global Chapter at The Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ), also known as the World Court, on December 1, 2050. The... Continue Reading

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How Ideology Affects Our Acceptance of Climate Science

In this edition of the Interview, Fair Observer talks to Arek Sinanian, a climate expert. The science is clear on climate change. Looking back at this past year, we've witnessed how climate change has manifested in more extreme weather, from record-breaking hurricanes, storms and flooding to heat waves, droughts and wildfires. Scientists have linked climate change to human activity and... Continue Reading

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With Climate Change Comes Extreme Weather

The question to consider is how global warming and climate change are affecting the weather around the world. Droughts, wildfires, sea levels rising, storms and floods, ice caps melting, heat waves, cold snaps: Many people are asking whether these are being caused by climate change. This is the wrong question to ask, because obviously there have always been droughts, wildfires, heat waves,... Continue Reading

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