Alexander von Hahn

Alexander von Hahn is a politologist, culturologist, writer and investigative journalist. Born in Russia, he was educated in St. Petersburg, Moscow and London. After a brief tenure as an adviser to the Estonian prime minister in the early 1990s, for over a decade von Hahn headed a Moscow branch of a German investment bank. Currently, he is an independent political analyst. His area of expertise lies in the Russian-speaking Diaspora's struggle against authoritarianism and political repression, while he has authored many articles on the issue.

Modern Russia: What Went Wrong?

October 09, 2014

When did Russia’s relationship with the West turn sour? Perestroika and the subsequent end of the Soviet Union was, for most of us young, educated people with plenty of energy and optimism, tremendously positive news. Not only did we get rid of the oppressive communist regime. Rather, the advent of...

Solving the Crimean Crisis: A Ukrainian Federation?

March 07, 2014

A federal Ukraine might be the only way to resolve the current crisis in Crimea. This past week has presented us with a new reality — a strong and assertive Russia confronting a weak and divided West in what some observers have already labeled "Cold War II." Cold it is,...

Russian NGOs: Civil Society Goes Global

May 21, 2013

As the “anti-blasphemy” bill passes the State Duma, prison sentences and fines for public insults and humiliation of divine services, as well as believers’ feelings, have become real. With the Russian state becoming increasingly anachronistic and failing to deliver on its promise of social modernisation, Alexander von Hahn sees the...

Not a Russian Spring, but a Meltdown

June 13, 2012

Alexander von Hahn analyzes reactions to Putin's election. Vladimir Putin sheds the fig leaf of constitutional correctness and reassumes the title - not the role, which he has been playing for nearly ten years - of Russia’s president for the third term. Many commentators contemplate accepting the reality of yet...