Ahmad Marri

A postgraduate with diverse experience in political, intelligence, investigative and advisory analysis on Pakistan and Afghanistan. I seek to build my experience and enhance my expertise within the security and investigative sector. I have travelled extensively in Pakistan and Afghanistan carrying geographic understanding of the region; building a network of excellent contacts and local human intelligence sources enabling myself to compose articulate articles and diligent risk reports.

Baluchistan: A Man-Made Disaster

Insight into the problems plaguing one of South Asia's most unstable and volatile regions, Baluchistan. Baluchistan, the largest and most resourceful province of Pakistan, has been declared the most insecure place in the world today by the Obama Administration. The toxic mix of Taliban actors and nationalist militants, poverty, illiteracy, and lawlessness exacerbates the situation, leaving... Continue Reading

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Afghanistan: A Country of Paradox

As American troops start leaving Afghanistan, the effort to rid the country of extremist elements can prove difficult or almost impossible without a similar effort in Pakistan. The Afghanistan war began over a decade ago as an effort to find Osama Bin Laden, and to eradicate his Al Qaeda network. The conflict has grown to a presence of 100,000 US troops and tens of thousands of allied forces at... Continue Reading

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Pakistan’s Security Threats and Political Instability

Bin Laden’s discovery next to Islamabad is only a hint of the internal turmoil consuming Pakistan The discovery of Osama bin Laden in Abottabad, 30 kilometres away from the capital Islamabad, has added more turbulence to Pakistan’s existence as a sovereign state. The democratically elected parliament condemned the raid conducted on Pakistan’s soil as a violation of its sovereignty, with... Continue Reading

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