The New Global Significance of Buddhism | FO° Talks

In this episode of FO° Talks, Srinivas Reddy will speak about The New Global Significance of Buddhism. He will outline how Buddhism drew upon earlier Indian philosophical traditions, spread around the world, and continues to be relevant today.

00:00 - Introduction
03:09 - Presentation start
42:00 - Questions
01:09:29 - Outro

Srinivas Reddy is a scholar, translator, and musician. He studied classical South Asian languages and literature (Sanskrit, Tamil, and Telugu) at UC Berkeley, and learned music from his guru and mentor Sri Partha Chatterjee, a direct disciple of the late sitar maestro Pandit Nikhil Banerjee.
Srinivas is a Guest Professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies at IIT Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India, and Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Contemplative Studies at Brown University.

Anne Hofmann is a professor of English and the chair of the English and Humanities department at Frederick Community College.
She has been recognized as a national leader among community college faculty, winning both the FCC Michael D. Boyd Memorial Faculty Award and the Dr. Carol Eaton Innovation Award. Anne teaches a variety of writing-intensive courses that center on the construction of gender, race, and class in the US.

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