Political Turmoil | Extreme weather-Global warming | FO° Exclusive July 2022

In this episode of FO° Exclusive, we discussed Political Turmoil, Extreme weather-Global warming, Climate change, Emerging world order, and cold wars. FO° Exclusive is an exclusive invitation-only event for donors, members, and select supporters of Fair Observer. Glenn Carle and Atul Singh review the last 30 or so days on the last Wednesday of every month. They pick out the three most important issues of the month and make sense of them.

►Atul Singh Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Fair Observer
►Glenn Carle Former Deputy National Intelligence Officer and CIA Veteran Fair Observer is an independent nonprofit media organization that has published more than 2,500 voices from over 90 countries, including statesmen, retired military officers, former diplomats, and leading professors, along with some of the brightest young public intellectuals from around the world.

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