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Analysts have been anticipating the rise of India for decades, only to be disappointed. The statesman Lee Kuan Yew observed: "India is a nation of unfulfilled greatness. Its potential has lain fallow, underused." Is India now on the path to fulfilling its potential? In their bestselling book, Rajeev Mantri and Harsh Madhusudan make the case for India's rise as an economic giant and a global geopolitical force. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi described their book as making "rich contributions to intellectual discourse", and it provides an expansive yet detailed view of the changes sweeping India as well as yet-to-be-resolved governance challenges. Moderator: Christopher Roper Schell, Contributing Editor at Fair Observer who ran for US Congress in 2020 Speakers: Rajeev Mantri and Harsh Gupta Madhusudan Rajeev Mantri is an India-based entrepreneur and investor, investing in public companies and early-stage technology ventures. He has contributed articles on political economy, technology, investing, and entrepreneurship to Mint, Swarajya, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Indian Express, The New York Times International Weekly, and other publications. Rajeev graduated with a BS in materials science and engineering from Northwestern University, and an MBA from Columbia University, specializing in private equity and value investing. (Twitter @RMantri) Harsh Gupta Madhusudan is a Mumbai-based investor and entrepreneur. He has written on economics, finance, and politics for various publications. Harsh has co-authored two books "Derivatives" and "A New Idea of India." He is currently working on his third book. Harsh is an IIT Delhi dropout. He graduated from Dartmouth and INSEAD and is a CFA charter holder. In the past, Harsh has worked for Ashika, Bain & Co, MIT J-PAL, and co-founded an educational non-profit for underprivileged girls. (Twitter: @HarshMadhusudan) Fair Observer is an independent nonprofit media organization that has published more than 2,500 voices from over 90 countries, including statesmen, retired military officers, former diplomats, and leading professors, along with some of the brightest young public intellectuals from around the world.

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