Fiji’s Women Are Living the Reality of Climate Change

November 11, 2021

On November 6, Brianna Fruean and other Pacific Islands representatives marched in Glasgow as all eyes are on the United Kingdom for the COP26 climate change summit happening this month. The chilly streets of Scotland and its winter are so far removed from the reality of the Pacific that we, in...

Afghan Women’s Secret Facebook

December 03, 2016

Jordanian Women: Marrying Beyond the Border

February 09, 2014

If Jordanian women marry non-Jordanians, they are only granted "services rights." Last December, the spokesman for the Jordanian government, Mohammed al-Moumani, announced that the government will not grant civil rights to Jordanian women married to non-Jordanian citizens. Instead, he...

Closing the Gaps: Nepal’s Marginalized Communities

January 12, 2014

Nepal’s constitution-making process has received limited participation from women and ethnic minorities. With a voter turnout of 70%, a new sense of optimism has emerged following Nepal’s November 19 elections — an exercise in reconciliation and democracy that held the potential...

Middle Eastern Women in a Western Advertising Age

July 26, 2013

New trends show future changes in female consumer roles, and western corporations want in on it. The axiom of advertising is to feel organic, but manage to represent a clarified and polished version of reality. "A reality to which one can aspire." The Arab woman is portrayed in many ways...

Abuse of the Feminine: Honoring Women

June 08, 2013

In the 19th century, the moral challenge was slavery. In the 20th century, it was totalitarianism. In the 21st century, let’s make it gender equality. As part of Fair Observer's 360° series, The Middle East: Fighting for Women's Rights, Sara El-Yafi reflects on the plight of women...

Egypt: War on Women

June 04, 2013

Attacks against women in Egypt are part of a new pattern of organized violence. On the first day of the feast after Ramadan in November 2006, the shocking and disturbing public assault and sexual molestation of women on Egyptian street by tens (some say hundreds) of youth marked a turning...

The “Gender Industry” — Controlling the Periphery

May 31, 2013

More than contributing to just and humane societies, the international gender industry, feminism’s institutionalized offshoot, has undeniably become part of multi-faceted attempts at periphery control. Just like threats and enemies often don’t turn out to be who we are told or believe...

The Middle East’s Forgotten Minority: Female Palestinian Citizens of Israel

May 30, 2013

As a minority within a minority, female Palestinian citizens of Israel face double discrimination: as women in a patriarchal society and as Palestinians in a Jewish country. Unfortunately, the situation of this minority has largely been ignored by mainstream discourses on women’s rights in...

Women’s Rights in Iran

May 29, 2013

Marina Nemat, Iranian activist and author of “Prisoner of Tehran” and “After Tehran,” speaks to Fair Observer's Manuel Langendorf about the situation of women and human rights issues in Iran. Nemat argues that women's rights cannot be improved unless there is...

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