How White Nationalists Use Livestreaming

Beating Back the Far Right

February 15, 2021

After four years of shock, confusion and paralysis, the United States is finally taking action against the far right. Perhaps most dramatic has been the de-platforming of Donald Trump: the suspension of his Twitter and Facebook accounts and the targeting of his prominent followers across social...

White Supremacists Are No Longer Hiding in the Shadows

October 17, 2019

Democracy is on the decline. In 2018, the Freedom in the World report published by Freedom House recorded the 12th consecutive year of retreating global freedom. This included established democracies like the United States as well as authoritarian countries such as China and...

Making America White Again?

October 03, 2019

August 2009: I press the doorbell. The dimness of the inner light and oriental fragrances give me a pleasant surprise. African jewelry hangs from the walls and Persian carpets pave the ground. I close my eyes. With the frantic speed of remembrance, music transports me to the alleys of Istanbul,...