Donald Trump’s Month of Decision

September 08, 2017

Donald Trump's deal with the congressional Democratic leadership addressed his short-term challenges but set him up for some longer-term problems.  President Donald Trump, the self-styled master of the “art of the deal,” turned a whopper on September 6, following a meeting with...

Dealing With Kim: Trump’s Failure to Understand Juche

August 14, 2017

The North Korean crisis can only be resolved if Donald Trump understands Kim Jong-un’s ideological perspective. Donald Trump’s increasingly incendiary statements and tweets and Kim Jong-un’s threats to launch missiles at or near the American Pacific island of Guam have sparked possibly the...

Trump’s New Foreign Policy is the Worst of Both Worlds

April 14, 2017

The greenhorn president is heading down a well-worn path: see a problem, fire a missile at it. It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to discover that US foreign policy is about as easy to turn around as a warship in dry dock. Despite any number of promises to shake things up — during the...