A Counterweight to Authoritarianism, People Power Is on the Rise

October 30, 2020

Despite all the obstacles, Americans are voting in huge numbers prior to Election Day. With a week to go, nearly 70 million voters have sent in their ballots or stood on line for early voting. The pandemic hasn’t prevented them from exercising their constitutional right. Nor have...

Thai Migration and Movements

October 26, 2020

The Real Face of Thai Political Reform Today

May 18, 2014

Democracy in Thailand cannot be realized until the elite favor rule of law over rule by law. Thailand is a political mess. For the fourth time since 2006, against the will of the majority electorate, an elected prime minister has been forcibly removed from office. The “Thai political...

Political Unrest in Thailand: The Crisis Explained

April 03, 2014

Thailand's political unrest is more than a showdown between "red shirts" and "yellow shirts." Background In 2013, Thailand welcomed over 26.7 million visitors, while its capital city, Bangkok, was declared as the world's number one travel destination by the Global Destination Cities...

Fair Observer: Best of the Month

February 28, 2014

Fair Observer's five best articles of February. February has been a month of tumult. After much bloodshed, Ukraine got rid of its oppressive president. The country is close to economic collapse and the situation in Crimea is volatile to say the least. Russian President Vladimir Putin is...