Stalingrad: The Turning Point of WWII in Europe

In August 1942, the most famous battle of the Second World War began. More than 4 million combatants fought in the gargantuan struggle at Stalingrad between the Nazi and Soviet armies.

How the Soviet Union Responded to HIV/AIDS

On the surface, HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 seem as dissimilar as two viruses could possibly be. Yet the ways in which the Soviet Union reacted to the arrival of HIV/AIDS, and how it spread in the first years of the outbreak, yield valuable insights into the coronavirus pandemic

The American Century Ends Early

March 08, 2021

Like Gregor Samsa, the never-to-be-forgotten character in Franz Kafka’s story “The Metamorphosis,” we awoke on January 7 to discover that we, too, were “a giant insect” with “a domelike brown belly divided into stiff arched segments” and numerous “pitifully thin” legs that...

Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Pave the Way for Trump?

November 19, 2019

The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago. It was one of the few unambiguously joyous moments in modern history. This popular, nonviolent explosion of dissent effectively toppled East Germany’s despotic regime. And it signaled, if only symbolically, the end of the Cold War that had divided Europe for...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Always “Anti-Communist”

July 26, 2018

In the eyes of CNN and much of the media, Russia will always be a communist country. In an article on the alleged Russian spy, Maria Butina, CNN offers this surprising analysis of one of the key actors in the story, Paul Erickson, a conservative Republican operative from South Dakota. Erickson...

The World This Week: Fidel Castro Divides Opinion

November 27, 2016

Fidel Castro was a complicated leader who leaves behind a tortured legacy that involves both fighting apartheid and then killing his loyal general who led that fight. Fidel Castro, the tall charismatic leader of Cuba, is dead. True to form, Donald Trump has called Fidel, as Castro has come to be...

In Death, Boris Nemtsov Embodies the Hope of a Better Russia

March 03, 2015

For Russia to make peace with its troubled post-Communist history, it needs a 1990s hero to remember. Boris Nemtsov was killed just before midnight on February 27 in Moscow. His death was both the culmination and the continuation of his extraordinary political life. I first encountered...

Russia, Ukraine and World War Three (Part 2/2)

August 07, 2014

Does history repeat itself? A parody. The Second World War that broke out in September 1939 was not the result of a criminal conspiracy by Adolf Hitler and his henchmen. The war trials held in Nuremberg in October 1946, which saw the conviction of prominent members of the...

The Fallacies of Russia’s Apologists

April 02, 2014

There is simply no justification for Russia's invasion and annexation of Crimea. The erroneous rationalization offered for Russia's annexation of Crimea proceeds along one or more of the following lines: 1: The US, NATO and other Western governments left Vladimir Putin and Russia no...

A Method, Yet a Madness: Understanding Russian Democracy

March 24, 2014

As Western media focuses on the Crimean crisis, Russia intensifies its assault on civil society. When Nikolai Gogol wrote about the winged troika in his 19th century masterpiece on provincial corruption, The Dead Souls, little did he know that he was creating a perennial image that would...

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