Neurohacker Today, Smarter Tomorrow

August 19, 2021

“How do I upgrade my brain?” In an ever more inhuman world, ever more humans seek answers to that question. But the right answer depends on what you mean by the question. If by “upgrading” you mean upgrading the nervous system according to its own needs and functions (my expertise), your...

How to Relax in a Field and Marvel at the Universe

April 12, 2021

Theoretical physics inhabits an area of human knowledge and discourse whose frontier is so hermetic no one other than the physicists themselves may claim to make sense of the discourse they manage to produce. Even the physicists are not always sure of what they understand in their own discourse,...

The “Man in the Middle” Is Media Messing With Your Messages

January 05, 2020

The global tsunami of mental misery is ever-more-closely tied to rising human interaction with digital technology. Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff explains why in his recently-published manifesto, “Team Human.” In short, our natural collaborative instincts have been undermined and toxified...

While AI Is All the Rage, What Is Neuroscience Up To?

January 05, 2020

Ever since the term artificial intelligence (AI) was coined in 1956, it has had a close relationship with neuroscience. Initial concepts of building machines capable of logical thinking were derived from mathematical logic and information theory, but the driving force behind AI was the desire to...

When Data Science and Neuroscience Collide

December 15, 2019

You know how certain technologies can be dangerous together? Texting and cars. Cigarettes and filling stations. Blood thinners and surgery. It turns out that data science and neuroscience are like that. Those barely-overlapping disciplines each understand complementary things about human...

White Hat Neurohacking for Paleo Superpowers

December 06, 2019

By modern standards, our paleo ancestors had superpowers. They could run marathons barefoot on a starvation diet; sleep naked outdoors every night; go without water for long periods; endure bites, scratches and untreated wounds; and mind-meld with the same small group every day for life. With all...

50 Years After the Moon Landing

November 27, 2019

How to Reboot an Infected Nervous System

November 09, 2019

Yes, the world seems less trustworthy every day. Politics is corrupted, science is corrupted, the law is corrupted, etc. Worst of all, education and the news are corrupted, so we can’t even know what’s true. It’s like John Wanamaker said a hundred years ago, “I know 30% of my ad budget is...

The Physics and Biophysics of Sound “Healing”

August 09, 2019

The fashionable intelligence at The New York Times has declared sound baths are everywhere, and it’s true. Well-educated people like myself now routinely spend a couple dozen dollars for a few hours in a quiet room listening to ringing gongs, thrumming bowls and shaking rattles....

10 Physics Reasons Why Screens Are Bad for Humans

July 26, 2019

Here are 10 interlocking reasons why using screens damages the human nervous system. The reasons are derived from basic mathematical principles of how matter and energy move in space and time. The gist is that the human nervous system, seen as a sensitive instrument, needs to calibrate itself using...

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