Reforming the Saudi Guardianship System

September 23, 2019

The Saudi government has gradually chipped away at the kingdom’s guardianship system. With Saudi women now free to travel abroad without the permission of a male relative, many Saudi citizens are now able to enjoy freedoms denied to them for decades.

Saudi Arabia Eases Male Guardianship System

August 02, 2019

It comes as welcome news that authorities in Saudi Arabia have taken important steps toward dismantling the repressive male guardianship system, which treats women in the country as minors. Women will no longer require permission from a male guardian to travel abroad and can apply for a...

Saudi Arabia Finally Allows Women to Drive

September 27, 2017

Following a decree by King Salman, women in Saudi Arabia can finally get a driving license. Saudi Arabia’s long-awaited lifting of a ban on women driving will likely serve as a litmus test for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ability to introduce economic and social reforms despite...

Saudi Women Vote in Fight for Rights

December 14, 2015

Amid cozy ties between the US and Saudi governments, women in Saudi Arabia have long been fighting for more rights. International media outlets have been heralding the December 13 vote in Saudi Arabia as a breakthrough for women, since it’s the first time in history that Saudi women have been...

Saudi Fighter Challenges Stereotypes of Women

November 06, 2015

In the Middle East, a female jiu-jitsu fighter works to eliminate bias against women in combat sports. No historian can say for certain whether the Amazons existed. Some say they lived in a matriarchal society, where little girls were raised as warriors and men took care of the babies. Some say...

Saudi Arabia: The Politics of Soccer

May 28, 2013

As soccer continues to emerge as a focal point of dissent in Saudi Arabia, women are to be allowed into stadiums in the conservative kingdom.  Saudi Arabia, under domestic and international pressure to grant women sporting rights, is creating separate stadium sections so that female...