The Electrification of Everything

January 19, 2021

Tech titan Steve Westly presents his case for clean technology. Can it jump-start the global economy and help prevent climate change?

Leading India Toward a Clean Energy Revolution

August 26, 2017

India is currently in the midst of the world’s largest renewable energy expansion program. India is the world’s fourth fastest growing economy. It has also undertaken a gamut of policies for the development of the country. In a rapidly changing world, industrialization and climate change...

It’s Always Sunny in Saudi Arabia

May 16, 2017

How the biggest exporter of crude oil could become a leader in solar energy. Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, countries are beginning to reap the benefits of cheaper solar power technology and are investing in mega projects to sustainably power electricity grids. Morocco is...

The World This Week: Dirty Oil Drives the Global Economy

December 04, 2016

House prices and oil prices rose this week, raising prospects of short-term economic growth while amplifying possibilities of long-term damage to the planet. This week, house prices in the United States hit a record. Believe it or not, the average home price for September is 0.1% above the...