Can Art Change the World?

September 17, 2019

Miniature painting is a genre in Persian and Indian art that has survived the passage of time. Indo-Persian miniature painting, a common heritage of the two nations, was originally an artwork adorning text that reached its climax of glory during the 15th and 16th centuries. Miniature...

Art in Pictures

September 17, 2019

Political Violence and Sectarianism in Pakistan

September 02, 2016

Pakistan’s focus on external enemies complicates efforts to reduce political violence, ease inter-communal strains and facilitate the easing of tensions with neighboring countries. In August, Pakistan’s military commanders gathered to assess the impact of the massive bombing in Quetta that...

Music Can Combat Extremism in South Asia

July 04, 2016

Indigenous culture, especially music, is the way to reach young Pakistanis and counter extremism. On June 22, the global campaign to counter violent extremism (CVE) lost one of its most powerful messengers when gunmen linked to the Pakistani Taliban murdered the beloved qawwali singer Amjad...

Tracing the Genesis of Terrorism in Pakistan

January 26, 2016

Ever since a “monster” was unleashed in the 1970s, terrorism and sectarianism have been a regular occurrence in Pakistan. Growing up in Lahore in the 1960s and 1970s, there were hardly any organized attacks on public institutions as we now see in present-day Pakistan. Sure, we heard about...

Our Imagination Has Been Colonized

September 16, 2015

In this guest edition of The Interview, Changiz M. Varzi talks to Tariq Mehmood, an award-winning writer and filmmaker. In his latest novel, award-winning writer and filmmaker Tariq Mehmood focuses on problems faced by young, second-generation immigrants in Britain. You’re Not Proper,...

Sectarian Violence Threatens An Already Unstable Pakistan

February 15, 2015

Sectarian violence in Pakistan is nothing new, but its growth in recent years is troubling. The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on a Shiite mosque on February 13. The atrocity in Peshawar left at least 20 dead and over 60 injured. This is the latest act of...

Finding the Middle Ground: Secular and Religious Education

October 19, 2013

In Pakistan, low-fee private schools are steadily growing. Several years ago, I visited al-Fattah School in one of Karachi’s underdeveloped areas. During the day, children sat at their desks in neat rows, crisp in their collared shirts, learning English from their Oxford University Press...

The Indian Army’s Role in Nation Building

August 14, 2013

India's army has seen its role as the nation’s “ultimate weapon” diminish. The Indian nation should have been able to look back at the country’s journey from 1947 and justifiably feel proud of the progress it has made so far. Unfortunately, the overwhelming mood in...

Pakistan: Phantoms of the Past or History in the Making?

May 10, 2013

As Pakistanis head to the polls, the elections could mark the first democratic transition between two elected governments in the country’s history. Background As the general elections 2013 commence, fear is mingled with hope and resilience in Pakistan. The streets of the major cities and...

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