The Middle East in 2021

January 05, 2022

Abu Dhabi and the Art of Diplomacy

December 13, 2021

Can Self-Help Diplomacy Lower Political Heat in the Middle East?

December 13, 2021

Since the end of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, the United States has been the unchallenged dominant power in the Middle East and North Africa. As such, it often saw its role, for better or worse, as fixing the region’s many problems. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Iran,...

The Assad Family Has Been Shaping Syria for 50 Years

December 09, 2021

It has been over a decade since a civil uprising began in Syria during the height of the Arab Spring. What started in March 2011 soon developed into a civil war between the government of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian opposition, made up of various factions with different ideologies. Throughout...

Will Saudi-Iran Talks Lead to Anything?

December 08, 2021

Saudi Arabia and Iran have engaged in four rounds of talks over the last six months, the most recent of which with the hardliner Ebrahim Raisi already inaugurated as president. A fifth meeting is expected to take place before the end of 2021. The success of the negotiations will depend, to an...

What Libya’s Loaded Election Means

December 08, 2021

Macron Promotes Fraternity in the Middle East

December 07, 2021

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron, despite being preoccupied with next spring’s presidential election, dropped in on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to celebrate the conclusion of a massive sale of French military equipment to Saudi Arabia’s neighbor and co-sponsor of the war...

How Date Farming Helps Yemenis on Soqotra

December 06, 2021

The disconnect between donor-based development aid and local needs grows wider as the crisis deepens in Yemen. Focus remains on prioritizing emergency response to crisis zones, such as the devastating environment in Mareb, rather than the development of stable economic zones. At the micro-level,...

What Does 60˚C Mean for the Middle East?

November 30, 2021

Global warming is an established ongoing threat, and the Middle East is warming at twice the global average. This summer, Oman, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have experienced temperatures surging above 50˚C. It is quite plausible that temperatures could rise closer to 60˚C over the coming...

What Next for Britain in the Middle East?

November 29, 2021

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