Algeria and Morocco: Neighbors With Issues

August 05, 2021

The Western Sahara Conflict and Great Power Competition

March 11, 2021

On December 10, 2020, then-US President Donald Trump recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, circumventing a decades-long UN-sponsored peace process for the territory. In return, Morocco agreed to normalize relations with Israel. The US-brokered agreement goes beyond a simple...

Will Morocco Normalize Relations With Israel?

September 09, 2020

Commentators from major news outlets have commented that Morocco will be among the first Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel and exchange ambassadors following the Israeli-Emirati agreement. As the former US ambassador to Morocco and having closely followed the policies and...

What the US Can Learn From Morocco

August 10, 2020

Since early June, an estimated 15 to 26 million people across the United States have participated in protests against the death of George Floyd and the persistence of systematic racism in America. Recent trends have shown that support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement — more...

Morocco Sets Out a Post-Coronavirus Recovery Strategy

May 28, 2020

Morocco is committed to finding opportunities to restructure and redirect its economy to be better prepared for other potential calamities, such as the coronavirus pandemic. The economy is already facing a downturn due to drought, which may result in as much as a 42% decline in cereal...

Will COVID-19 Change Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia?

April 27, 2020

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spread to North Africa more than two months ago. Since then, there has been speculation among observers that the effects on society, the economy and political life may be changed in both the short term with people’s habits and the long term as...

Writing the Next Chapters of Morocco and Algeria

December 18, 2019

A recent article on the BBC using data from the Arab Barometer survey asked the question, “Could Morocco see the next uprising after Sudan and Algeria?” While it was selective in its choice of data points, for example, attitudes toward religion, the point of the article, which echoes...

What Are the Priorities of Morocco’s Youth?

December 04, 2019

According to the latest findings of the Arab Barometer, which surveyed approximately 2,400 Moroccans in face-to-face interviews in the fall of 2018, attitudes are largely split along generational lines. While the older generation (50+) still has confidence in the country’s institutions,...

King Mohammed VI Calls for National Development Strategy Restart in Morocco

July 31, 2019

On July 30, the 20th anniversary of his accession to the throne, King Mohammed VI honored his country’s past achievements and projected the need for Morocco to push forward its efforts. His message summarized his pride in having moved the country progressively while regretting that too much still...

Morocco Is Not the Next Algeria or Sudan

July 19, 2019

In an article published last month with the title, “Could Morocco see the next uprising, after Sudan and Algeria?” the BBC demonstrated a misunderstanding of Moroccan society by conflating civil unrest and public dissatisfaction over the kingdom’s leadership with the overall stability of the...

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