Why Listening and Learning Come Before Strategy

August 31, 2020

Wharton’s Stephanie Creary and global diversity expert Rohini Anand discuss what it takes to create a culture of inclusiveness.

Amazon’s Inhuman Sources of Human Resources

June 09, 2020

Even in times of plague and massive unemployment, a three-way race has emerged at the top of a rising US stock market, the economy’s major league. Amazon has been competing with Apple and Microsoft for the title of the richest company in the world. All three weigh in with a market cap at above...

Workplace Romance: Did McDonald’s Make the Right Call?

November 09, 2019

The recent firing of McDonald’s chief executive Steve Easterbrook over a consensual relationship with an employee highlights the thorny issue of workplace romance in the #MeToo era, which has heralded a number of CEO resignations over inappropriate behavior that previously was condoned or...

What Will It Take for Uber to Become Profitable?

August 24, 2019

Uber has to fix its business model to make it profitable in a sustainable way, and the wake-up call for that has come from its second-quarter results, according to experts. More worrisome than the loss in the latest quarter of $5.2 billion — inflated by a one-time, non-cash stock charge of $3.9...

For the Win: Using Connected Strategies to Gain a Competitive Advantage

May 26, 2019

In their new book, Wharton’s Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch explain how a “connected strategy” helps businesses create more value for themselves and their customers. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s no longer good enough for a company to sell a product through...

How Digital Tools Support Hyper-Personalized Customer Experiences

October 07, 2018

Digital tools supporting hyper-personalized customer services is the business model of the future, notes the head of digital software at Tata Consultancy Services. Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of our lives — at home and at work — and how we interact with others. As...

Facebook Blunder Could Cost It Billions

October 05, 2018

Hackers have accessed millions of user profiles in the latest Facebook data breach. The Daily Devil's Dictionary looks at the latest blunder. Six months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal became public, Business Insider reveals a new security breach due to a feature of Facebook that gave...

General Electric Loses its Iconic Status

October 03, 2018

General Electric is an icon. Icons are sacred symbols. When an icon fails, will all hell break loose? The Daily Devil's Dictionary explains. For the past 18 years (the entire 21st century), one of the strongest brands in modern industrial history, General Electric (GE), has been losing share...

Tesla Is Suffering a Serious Hangover

October 02, 2018

Tesla’s Elon Musk has agreed to step down as chairman. The Daily Devil’s Dictionary gives its take. Elon Musk’s repeated hyperreal behavior has left Tesla reeling. It produced an extremely rare situation, where the real and hyperreal found themselves in direct confrontation. Ordinarily,...

Impact Investing: When Social Benefits Are in the Contract

September 02, 2018

New Wharton research examines how contracts can be structured differently when investors are trying to make money and make the world a better place. For impact investors, there are two bottom lines, says Wharton Finance Professor David Musto: making money and making the world a better...

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