The Energy Angle to the UAE-Israel Deal

September 30, 2020

In August, the UAE became the third Arab state to establish full-fledged diplomatic relations with Israel. One important dimension of bilateral relations that will be important to both Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv is energy.

The UAE’s Deal With Israel Is a Sham

August 17, 2020

Gary Grappo, the chairman of Fair Observer, has commented in these columns on the deal between Israel and the UAE that has shocked many in the Arab and Muslim world. As a former US diplomat, Grappo expresses his satisfaction, or perhaps simply his relief, at the idea “that Arab states will no...

The Arabs Trade Jerusalem for Iran

December 18, 2017

Anger at President Trump’s move on Jerusalem could potentially turn against Arab leaders. Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel potentially sets the stage for a controversial American effort — backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — to resolve the...

Gulf Media Wars Produce Losers, Not Winners

August 09, 2017

To many, the dispute in the Gulf amounts to the pot blaming the kettle and twisting the truth to serve rival narratives. Feuding Gulf states that have pumped millions of dollars into public diplomacy appear to have done better in damaging the reputations of their detractors than in polishing...

US Moves Against Iran Raise Risk of Conflict

July 25, 2017

The Gulf is inching closer to a confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia. US President Donald Trump, in a step that could embolden Saudi Arabia to move ahead with plans to destabilize Iran, has instructed White House aides to give him the arguments for withholding certification in October...


The Gulf Crisis: Southeast Asia Has Seen It All Before

July 01, 2017

In Southeast Asia, no country had the ambition or ruthlessness of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Two competing visions of ensuring regime survival are battling it out in the Gulf. To Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Uprisings of 2011 — which toppled autocratic leaders in four...

The Not So Cooperative Gulf Cooperation Council

June 06, 2017

The situation for Qatar is precarious, says former US Ambassador Gary Grappo. Its best bet may be diplomatic intervention by a friendly neutral state. Barely two weeks after Saudi Arabia provided the dazzling stage for the great gathering of Arab and Muslim nations to come together for a new...

Qatar Diplomatic Fallout Puts Muslim Nations in a Bind

June 05, 2017

The Saudi Arabia and UAE campaign to isolate Qatar and Iran puts non-Arab, Muslim nations between a rock and a hard place. A Saudi and Emirati-driven campaign to isolate Qatar — and by extension Iran — puts non-Arab, Muslim states in a bind. It tests the degree of Saudi soft power garnered...

Birthplace of the United Arab Emirates

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