Cuba is Frozen in Time, But That’s About to Change

With the political opening between the US and Cuba, the appearance of this mysterious island will certainly change. [Click the image above or scroll down to view the mini gallery.]

On August 14, after five decades of animosity, the US flag was raised in Havana and the US Embassy reopened in Cuba.

The agreement to restore full diplomatic ties between the two neighboring countries has raised hope among Cubans. They are confident that with the cascade of dollars in their crocodile shaped island that Cuba’s broken economy will be boosted and their living conditions will improve.

Cubans hope they will finally get rid of their old cars from the 1950s that are surprisingly still running. New buses will probably replace old trucks that transport people between cities. And as the renovation of timeworn buildings start, political slogans might fade from the walls.

The appearance of this mysterious island will change with the new political opening. The image of an old Cuba will transform as time goes by. The country that has been frozen in time is set for a makeover.

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Photo Credit: Changiz M. Varzi

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