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Voices of EURO 2012 – Anastasiya Kerechan, Manager of “Hotel George“ in Lvov360°ANALYSIS

“We are very happy about the fact that Lvov is one of four venues of EURO 2012. Our city has a lot to offer. We do have many tourists so far, mainly all from Poland, Ukraine and Germany – but in the future there will be even more. Through the European Football Championship we will have the chance to show everybody how friendly we are and how open-minded we are towards other nations. This is one of our unique selling points: the peaceful melting pot of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Germans, Greeks and Armenians. In June 2010 we renovated our old-established hotel and by 2012 we will have completed the rest of our renovations. Of course, this will affect the room rates, but we will still aim for the rooms to be remain affordable for everybody. Currently a room costs between 35 and 90 euro; therefore, our customer base is quite wide. Our biggest trump card is our location – we are in the center of the city and our guests enjoy this very much. Our hotel has a long tradition. It was founded in 1781 and is among the oldest hotels in Ukraine. Moreover, we have welcomed  well-known guests such as Honoré de Balzac, Franz Liszt, and Jean-Paul Sartre. I have been working in this hotel for five years now and I really hope that its future will be quite bright – and I am convinced EURO 2012 will help us with that.”