Building a Transformer Home in Hong Kong360°ANALYSIS

How do you turn one room into 24?

Gary Chang, a Chinese architect, has lived in a 344-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong for almost his entire life. His parents and three sisters occupied the tiny space, then divided into three rooms, and even managed to sublet one room to a tenant. This is not unusual for a crowded city of more than 7 million people where rents are high and space scarce.

When his family moved out to a bigger place, Chang decided to stay on and invest in a project of incredible spatial efficiency. In the years since, he has turned the space into a beautiful, highly-automated home with 24 interchangeable rooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, a walk-in closet, a home cinema—there is even a spa. When all the moveable walls are drawn back, what is left is a luxurious space of 180 square feet, light and airy.

It is a true feat of architectural genius and creativity. “My trouble is I have too much storage,” jokes its creator.

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