Fair Observer Monthly: May 2024





Fair Observer Monthly is a chance for you to sit down, look back and think about the month past. A month lasts 28 to 31 days, a suitably appropriate time to take stock of the world. We publish daily on our website and we select some of our best articles every month in our e-magazine. We will give you context and multiple perspectives on issues that matter. We will inform and educate you. Fair Observer Monthly does what we promise: make sense of the world.

In May, we bring you new perspectives from around the world. As conflict continued in the Middle East, Fair Observer kept its ear to the ground. Former US Ambassador Gary Grappo and Iranian nationalist Mehdi Alavi make sense of Israel and Iran’s unprecedented exchange of airstrikes. Gary also gives us the lowdown on Israel’s increasingly precarious situation. Christopher Roper Schell and Gwyneth Campbell analyze the dramatic US campus protests calling for divestment from Israel. Peter Isackson warns about how the US establishment fell victim before to superficial understandings of this region.

2024 is a year of war, but it is also a year of democracy. Nations around the world are voting, including the largest democracy in existence, India. Kartik Lalitkumar laments the capture of India’s institutions by a prime minister who is similar to another (in)famous premier of the past. Anil Srivastava explains how India’s election infrastructure is vulnerable to nefarious interference. In South Africa, meanwhile, the former head of BBC Africa, Martin Plaut, explains how an epochal political realignment is underway.

We have other interesting pieces that examine why violence is surging in Rio de Janeiro and why we teach literature to inmates sentenced to life imprisonment. An Afghan author shines the light on disgraced former president Ashraf Ghani and a Sarajevo-based journalist analyzes how Kazakhstan is making forays in the Caucasus.

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Content of Publication

How to Contain Iran’s Dangerous Warmongers – Gary Grappo

Why Teach Literature to Inmates in Prison for Life? – Ti Ngo

Narendra Modi Is the New Indira Gandhi, Only Much Worse – Kartik Lalitkumar

Do You Think the Startling Columbia Protests Were Peaceful? – Gwyneth Campbell

How Do You See Iran’s Attacks on Israel? – Mehdi Alavi

Will the France–Germany–Poland “Weimar Triangle” Be Europe’s New Powerhouse? – Romain Le Quiniou, Malwina Talik, Sebastian Schäffer

Surging Violence and Corruption Poison the “Marvelous City” of Rio – Luiz Cesar Pimentel

It’s Time to Save Free Speech From Unscrupulous Selective Enforcement – Alec Greven

Student Protests in America Now: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? – Christopher Roper Schell

Dr. Brzezinski’s Stunning Revelation about the Peace Process – Peter Isackson

May Hasn’t Been a Good Month for Netanyahu or Israel – Gary Grappo

A New Political Order Is Dawning in South Africa’s Towns – Martin Plaut

Ashraf Ghani’s Unscrupulous Bid to Regain Old Power in Afghanistan – Abdul Basir Azimi

Why is Kazakhstan Making Forays in the Caucasus? – Harun Karčić

How to Save India’s Floundering Democracy – Anil Srivastava


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