Fair Observer Monthly: February 2022





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In this edition, we focus on the war between Russia and Ukraine. We also have articles on the protests in Canada, the UK economy and the Winter Olympics. 

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​​Did Digital Media Retire the Sex Tape? — Ellis Cashmore

Britain’s Still Got It — Atul Singh & Martin Plaut

Since the Start of the Pandemic, Americans Are Drinking Too Much — Jennifer Wider 

The Evolution of National Security in the UAE — Mohammad Salami

A Personal Boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games — Gary Grappo

The Taliban Use Violence Against Women as a Bargaining Chip — Mohammad Zaki Farasoo

Time for a Sober Look at the Ukraine Crisis — Munir Saeed 

The Radical Impact of Canada’s Fringe Parties — Imogen Alessio & Dominic Alessio 

Ukraine’s Tug of War and the Implications for Europe — Peter Isackson

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is a Wake-Up Call for Germany — Hans-Georg Betz


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