Fair Observer Monthly: August 2022





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In this edition, a former Texan Republican Congressional candidate examines why women vote for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a former Irish prime minister examines the Northern Ireland Protocol and a young Pakistani author analyzes the new world order that is emerging as the US-led postwar system is crumbling. Dr. Mehdi Alavi, an Iranian American, examines Belgium’s refusal to apologize and pay reparations for its atrocities in Congo. The German far-right, Israeli soft power and US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit are also covered.

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Al-Zawahiri’s Killing Will Increase Global Chaos and Insecurity – Vas Shenoy

The Israeli Bet on Audiovisual Culture as Soft Power – Franthiesco Ballerini

Belgium’s Regrets Not Enough: Congo Deserves Apology and Reparations for War Crimes – Mehdi Alavi

As the US-led Postwar System Crumbles, a New World Order Emerges – Syed Zain Abbas Rizvi

Why Do Women Support Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi? – Christopher Roper Schell

Our Alexanders are not Jesuses, nor Mohammeds – William Softky

India’s Tradition of Tolerance Offers Lessons in Light of Salman Rushdie’s Stabbing – Soundarajan

Ditching the Northern Ireland Protocol is unConservative and May Break the UK – John Bruton

The AfD’s Duplicitous Attempt to Target Germany’s National Minorities – Kiran Bowry

An Indian Perspective on Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit – Mauktik Kulkarni


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