360° Series: The State of the Indian Republic





In our signature 360° section, we provide context and publish many perspectives on the same issue. From 2020 to 2021, we published a series on the state of the Indian republic. In this era of echo chambers, we cherish diversity and debate that are the bedrock of a sane society and a healthy democracy.

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The State of the Indian Republic — Atul Singh

India Must Modernize Its Inefficient Defense Production System — K. Sreedhar Rao & Atul Singh

India’s Higher Education Must Be More Holistic — Arush Kishore

India’s Need of the Hour: Organic Fruit Production — Satya Prakash Negi

India’s New Agricultural Policy After Decades of Farmer Suffering — Tarun Shridhar

Indigenous Communities Can Counter Naxals and Protect Forests in India — Satya Prakash Negi

India’s New Education Policy Is Hodgepodge — Satish Jha

India’s New Education Policy: Not Paying Attention — Chittaranjan Kaul

India’s Police: An Instrument of Injustice — Javeed Ahmad

Land Reform Can Transform India’s Economy — B.K. Agarwal

What Ails Corporate Governance in India? — Sunil Asnani

Agriculture Is India’s Ray of Hope in Time of Crisis — Devinder Sharma

It’s Time to Introduce a Universal Basic Income for India’s Farmers — A. Amarender Reddy

It’s Time to Make India’s Education Good Enough for All — Rhea Bhasin

India’s Highway Construction Is in the Fast Lane — Vikram K. Malkani

Liberalizing India’s Economy Is Critical for Global Stability — Surya Kanegaonkar

An Indian Journey From School to Homeschooling — Ira Tanwani

Unnatural Disasters: India’s Environmental Mismanagement — Tarun Shridhar

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