Zachary Propert

A recent University of Pennsylvania grad, Zach continues to study globalization, postcolonialism, semiotics, diaspora, and urbanity. A self-proclaimed saunterer, Zach ponders these and other topics while meandering throughout Philadelphia or New York's diverse neighborhoods or during his travels. He spent 2011 in France and Mali studying French gypsy populations, travelling through the Sahara desert, and researching al-Qaeda's media presence in Mali.

GameStop: Putting Skin Back in the Game

February 02, 2021

Unless you live completely off the grid, you have most likely heard something about the GameStop boom last week. For those unaware, a hedge fund, Melvin Capital, held very large short positions against GameStop, a brick-and-mortar gaming store whose stock has been falling steadily over the past decade due to the...

Azawadi Terrorism and the Malian Political Crises

July 12, 2012

Being rooted in postcolonial reactivity, the chaos in Mali runs much deeper than terrorism. As of the present, the West African nation of Mali is experiencing the fallout of a rebellion in the north and a military coup. The rebellion was sparked in December by a secessionist Tuareg movement, le...

Nationalism and Immigration in France

July 17, 2011

Zachary Propert argues that the French are turning anti-immigrant as a result of increased nationalism. They are refusing to adapt to globalization and burying their head in the sand. Instead, they need to embrace immigration and globalization, and all the possibilities they offer. Building Fortress France