Will Lynch

Will Lynch is a long time international relief and development program manager. He has worked in international relief and development for nearly 30 years in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. His long-term overseas assignments with Catholic Relief Services, Peace Corps and Save the Children have included Tajikistan, India, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Lesotho and Morocco. Lynch has worked for extended periods in Indonesia, Rwanda, Albania, Kosovo, Haiti, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. He is a graduate of Manhattan College and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Stones and Ballots: A Tourist in Egypt

February 12, 2013

Will Lynch reflects on his recent trip to Egypt, and argues that it is time for Egyptians to realize the world will come back to them when they put down the stones and pick up their ballots.

Central Asia: Trending to 2025

October 24, 2012

Even as Asia has been booming, the Arab world awakened and Africa now rising, Russia's "near abroad" is now on the ropes. The expectations following Independence have been dashed. Here is an account by someone who lives and works that regional trauma. What happens if the current trends continue? What...