Wanda Krause

Is Qatar’s Love Affair with the Muslim Brotherhood Really Over?

Qatar’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood has not ended. Political analysts are looking at the seismic transfer of power from Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to his 33-year-old son, Sheikh Tamim, in order to examine a number of issues. Sheikh Hamad's abdication occurred just days before the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi, the former Egyptian president, was ousted from... Continue Reading

Fair Observer

Competing Voices: Gender and Ideology in Egypt

Secular and Islamist discourse in Egypt share a core essence of masculine dominance. Egypt and the wider Middle East are undergoing major change following revolutions. But what is the best way to plan for and navigate the future? A number of post-Arab Spring political and strategic analyses have managed to move beyond a focus on the state to identify trends in order to propose solutions. Among... Continue Reading

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