Vasiliki Tsagkroni

Vasiliki Tsagkroni holds a PhD in politics from Queen Mary University London, and an MA and BA from Panteion University of Athens. Their main research and teaching interests include radical-right politics, populism, policymaking, comparative politics, political discourse, migration, political marketing and branding, political communication, social media and research methods. Tsagkroni is the co-convenor of the Greek Politics Specialist group and a senior fellow of Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right.

The British Far Right Has a New Voice of Unity

January 20, 2021

In 45 years, by 2066, native white British people are set to become a minority in the UK. This is the claim, accompanied by census data dating back to 1801, made by the Patriotic Alternative, an organization launched in September 2019 that celebrates anti-Semitism and white nationalism in Britain. The...

The Circle of History in Radical-Right Symbolism

July 02, 2020

Bearing in mind that gaining access to political power remains the focus of all political parties, they not only attempt to acquire political power within government but, more importantly, actively work toward its acquisition and maintenance. In this effort, political parties try to establish a distinct identity in their effort...