Tulin Daloglu

A former BBC reporter, producer, and Washington, D.C. correspondent for HaberTurk, Tülin has been a columnist for the Washington Times and has been published in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Middle East Times, ForeignPolicy.com, Daily Caller, Daily Star and SAIS Turkey Analyst Report. She is an experienced journalist and brings extensive perspectives and a deep knowledge of Turkey.
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The Syrian Exodus to Turkey

The Syrian military’s massive June 10 operation against anti-government protestors in Jisr al-Shughour, which involved tanks, artillery, helicopter gunships and airborne troops, has forced thousands to flee to Turkey. This exodus of Syrian civilians seeking safe haven on Turkish soil has brought the number of refugees to nearly 3,000 since the unrest began three months ago – a tally... Continue Reading

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Turkish Identity is Still in the Making

The tug-of-war over Turkey’s identity has become a major topic of foreign policy debate over the past few years. To deny the obvious, that it is not accepted as a natural European power, and that its Middle Eastern blood weighs heavier in its current politics, is impossible. Yet Turkey’s European roots and its longstanding ties to Western institutions keep it from identifying solely... Continue Reading

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