Tanvi Mani

Tanvi Mani is a former associate editor (Asia Pacific) at Fair Observer.

Do We Need Big Data to Create Smart Cities?

Data collection and analysis have played an important role in smart cities, but should citizens’ privacy be used as a foundation? The real-time analysis of data procured over various electronic platforms has become integral to the development of infrastructure, planning and policy formulation within cities across Asia. Big data collected from social media, cellphone usage patterns and... Continue Reading

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Planting Seeds of Democracy in Myanmar

Will the seeds of democracy be firmly planted in Myanmar?  As Burmese citizens prepare to cast their vote in October 2015, Myanmar is mantled in a discernible fervor of anticipation. In a country that has been embattled in the residue of a disintegrating democracy, the prospect of a free and fair election is more of a foregone ideal than a prospective reality. The democratic process in... Continue Reading

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