Tadashi Shida

A Senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in International Relations, Tadashi's interests focus on East Asian and Security studies. Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, he is a multicultural gourmand with a passion for style and a love of travel. Drawn to International Relations by both his background and extensive worldwide travels, he seeks to take a multifaceted approach to life that reflects his own heritage. At the University of Pennsylvania, he has been involved with both the Japan Student Association and the International Affairs Association. Balancing academics, social activities and extracurriculars, he enjoys organizing model UN conferences, impromptu karaoke nights and serving as JSA's personal chef. "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first."

The Japanese Quantitative Easing Experiment: Implications for US QE2

In early 2001, faced with a rapidly deteriorating financial situation in a near zero interest rate environment, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) initiated a then radical monetary policy in an effort to fight deflation and stimulate the ailing economy.  Through a method known as quantitative easing, the Bank of Japan shifted from a targeted overnight lending rate to a targeted current account balance,... Continue Reading

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