Syed Zain Abbas Rizvi

Syed Zain Abbas Rizvi is a political and economic analyst. He focuses on geopolitical policymaking and international affairs. Rizvi has written extensively on foreign policy, historical crises and economic decision making of Europe and the US. He works for Pakistan-based SouthAsia Magazine and is a columnist for Modern Diplomacy, a European think tank.
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The Truth About US Support for Ukraine, But Not Palestine

Recently, the US supported Israel even as the United Nations General Assembly voted against this Jewish nation’s actions in Palestine. When it comes to national sovereignty and justice, the US ignores Palestine but supports Ukraine. Yet again, this exemplifies the hypocrisy of the US claim that it stands for universal justice and human rights. Continue Reading

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Debt, Inflation, and Floods Threaten to Drown Pakistan

Catastrophic floods have further debilitated the economy of Pakistan from its already existing precipices. However, Pakistan is not awaiting the provision of alms as surmised by the developed world. Instead, it is reacting to instability sparked by the countries that are now prioritizing their economic stability over utilitarian welfare. Continue Reading

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Is the US-Iran Nuclear Deal Worth the Hassle?

A renewed US-Iran nuclear deal is on the cards. Yet the changing regional dynamics, perpetually diverging positions as well as resistance from domestic critics and foreign allies have made the last mile treacherous, raising questions whether such a deal is possible. Continue Reading

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As the US-led Postwar System Crumbles, a New World Order Emerges

Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran embodies a renewed tactical shift in the power games of regional influence. As Russia cozies up to the hardline leaderships of Iran and China, the world seems increasingly shifting to an unprecedented rise of an authoritarian axis - rivaling the democratic order led by the US. Continue Reading

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