Swati Desai

Dr. Swati Desai obtained her Ph.D. from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. After teaching in the US and Hong Kong, she trained in psychology and practiced as a licensed psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area for many years. Swati incorporated mindfulness in her psychology practice, and launched an app and website for teaching mindfulness. She has worked as a director of campus relations for the Center for Mindfulness at the University of California at San Diego and taught mindfulness workshops in the Indian School of Business. Swati is part of InsightLA, a Buddhist sangha in Los Angeles, and is studying in the deep practitioners program for early Buddhist scriptures at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California.

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Buddhism, Mindfulness and the Modern World: A Historical Perspective

The Buddhist text Satipatthana Sutta describes mindfulness and meditation, which have become popular in the West for increasing mental and physical well-being. Buddhist meditation involves concentration, calmness and mindfulness, which aim to cultivate awareness of the present moment and non-attachment to experiences. However, there are rising concerns about the casual practice of mindfulness and... Continue Reading

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