Sonya Davey

Sonya Davey is a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Her knowledge of public health gives Davey an understanding on how societal norms affect health. She has conducted research regarding leishmania vaccination strategies using genetic knockouts, the role of growth factors in colon cancer tumorigenesis, societies that resist vaccinations, and the interaction of Ayurveda and biomedicine in cancer. Her current research interest is the role of ultrasound technology in female feticide. Davey is fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, and English.
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A New Way to Curb Female Feticide

Thousands of mothers in India are coerced into aborting their female child. The widespread misuse of prenatal ultrasound has led to a genocide against the female gender. In India, due to fetal sexing, a female fetus is selectively aborted every 12 seconds. As long as multinational corporations continue to sell cheap ultrasound machines to developing countries, and while the law permits abortion... Continue Reading

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