Shashank Joshi

Shashank is a Ph.D candidate at Harvard and an Associate Fellow of Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a defense and security think-tank in London. Shashank specializes in international security in South Asia and the Middle East as well as Indian foreign policy and military affairs. He has commented on television and radio, published articles in a range of policy and academic journals, and taught at both Harvard and Cambridge. Shashank key interests are in international security, foreign policy, and military issues.

India's Military Modernization: Growing Pains

In retrospect, India's foreign policy trajectory since the 1980s has been a series of leaps and bounds towards reconciliation with the United States. The two democracies were separated by the Cold War, near-adversaries in the 1970s after India broke off Bangladesh from Pakistan, and wrenched farther apart by the US sanctions and condemnation that followed India's nuclear tests in... Continue Reading

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Revolutions of the mind

"In Poland it took ten years, in Hungary ten months, in East Germany ten weeks: perhaps in Czechoslovakia it will take ten days!" So noted the Czech poet and politician Vaclav Havel, in his prescient and now famous comments to the British journalist Timothy Garton-Ash on the revolutions of 1989. In Egypt, it took just eight days. Not the revolution, whose denouement lies beyond a thick... Continue Reading

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