Siraj Davis

Siraj Davis is a teacher with a command of six languages and a freelance journalist for human rights issues. He has spent eight years researching examples of violent and non-violent insurgencies and counterinsurgencies or low intensity conflicts across the world. His first book was “Religious Fanaticism and Abolition: Early 19th Century Marginalization of David Walker and Nat Turner” and he is currently working on his second book “The Pursuit of Love Against the War on Terrorism.” He has also published various academic journal and newspaper articles. Davis is the president of the Collective Consciousness human rights organization and a constituent of the Truth Justice and Peace Movement. He is currently focused on the Free Ziyad Yaghi Campaign, Peace in Palestine/Israel Conflict, and all refugees. He holds a Master of Arts in History.

When Yazidi Leaders Speak

July 11, 2017

The Yazidis of the Middle East have been persecuted for centuries. But who are they? Since 2014, a unique ethno-religious community in northern Iraq/Kurdistan known as the Yazidis have been persecuted ruthlessly by the Islamic State (IS). The information within this article is built upon what Yazidi leaders feel in...

Yazidi Refugees Tell Their Story

September 28, 2016

Yazidi refugees reveal tragic and inspirational stories of surviving ethnic cleansing by the Islamic State. [Scroll down to view the mini-gallery.] The Yazidi people are an ethno-religious group with aspects of their religion entailing a mixture of Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism. They are monotheistic, worshipping one God, but their most...

Stateless in Jordan: The Life of a Refugee (Part 1/2)

June 21, 2013

Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian refugees in Jordan, share similar experiences of life in exile. This is the first of a two part series. A plethora of recent studies on refugees have focused primarily on a single displaced nationality of stateless people within a host country. This article exemplifies the contrary...

Iraqi Refugees: Desperately in Search of Leonor

November 02, 2012

Siraj Davis compares the lives of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan in a report, which ultimately indicates that the UNHCR and IOM still have a lot of work to do. Download the full report here. Background The following is an executive summary from a report involving interviews with Iraqi...